Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It's finally here! EXCENTRICCA.COM After long hours of sweat and hard work, of nitpicking countless of bugs and imperfections, here is the official EXCENTRICCA online store. We know a lot of you have been asking and waiting (very patiently indeed) for this, so we're very excited for you to finally see the product of all our hard work these couple of months. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project from the start, and has this possible. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop your hearts out!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

NYFW - Spring 2014

New York Fashion Week has been a whirlwind, and after having my Instagram feed flooded by everyone and their mother with runway & street-style photos (seriously, how does everybody get to go?), here's a quick recap of my favorite looks for Spring/Summer 2014.


Hervé Léger

Jill Stuart


Alexander Wang

If you've caught the similarities, that's right, the crop top is going nowhere. We've seen an appearance this spring/summer, and for those of you who didn't get enough of it (like us), don't worry, the exposed midriff (well, more upper midriff than 90s Britney Spears) is sticking around for 2014. I don't know about you ladies, but I'm already yearning for spring again. In the meantime, maybe it's time to sign up to that Pilates class?


Thursday, 5 September 2013

September & Updates

We're back! After a long restful summer, various apparent heat waves, Miley Cyrus' episode in the VMAs, and a significant darkening of everyone's skin tones -- September is finally upon us, which means getting back to work (or school)! Here in EXCENTRICCA, things haven't stopped moving just because of vacation time, so here's a little recap plus some updates to come.

Our June launch + showroom in Madrid was a huge success, with lots of snacks, drinks and beautiful jewelry pieces that you guys loved! Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, we had so much fun that we're definitely planning another showroom very very soon. Stay tuned for that if you happened to miss the last one (or even if you didn't and you're back for more!). Here a few photos from the evening:

On that second photo you can also catch a sneak peek of one of our photos from that last photo shoot we did, which were amazing. We'll definitely share a few more of the results on here once I get my hands on them, or even some snaps of them featuring in magazines (whaat?). It's definitely exciting times here in EXCENTRICCA, and we're so glad we get to share it with all of you.

We've also been busy restocking like crazy for the very imminent (more imminent than you think) opening of the e-commerce website, so you're free to order everything your heart desires once the time comes. And as always, we're constantly in the lookout for new, trendy designers from all over the world to add to our rapidly growing collection (if you follow us on Instagram you'd probably know that we made a trip to Thailand this summer, and who says you can't mix a bit of work with leisure?). And if that weren't enough, we're beyond excited to be working with local jewelers to bring our own, original EXCENTRICCA pieces to life. If all this doesn't make your skin prickle with excitement, we don't know what will.

That's all for now. Hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing summer holiday and that you're as ready as we are to get back to work!


ps: Fashion Week(s) and all that craziness is coming up. Who's excited? Make sure to check back for our special updates on the fashion world!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Inspiration From Bloggers

Don't know about you girls, but we have a serious addiction with fashion bloggers (or really, blogs of any type! Food blogs, anyone?). So naturally, we've got a pretty extensive lists of blogs we're following/stalking. These girls manage to look incredibly stylish under any situation, and we know we're all secretly jealous of their clothes/trips/boyfriends/lives, in the most non-creepy way. Lately however, we've been noticing how a lot of these girls have a very similar taste in jewelry as ourselves, and often rock very similar pieces to the ones we carry! We thought we'd share these with you, and maybe it'll serve as styling inspiration to our Excentriccas. Enjoy!

Hope everyone is excited for the upcoming launch & showroom! For those of us who don't know what we're talking about (why aren't you following us on Facebook?), we're doing a little showroom to officially launch the brand and our much anticipated website! There will be drinks, snacks, music and plenty of jewelry. Unmissable! So for those of you who are in Madrid on July 5th, head over to MAKI (Paseo de la Castellana 89) anytime onwards from 6pm. We're dying to see you all!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and see you soon

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Accessorizing For Every Style

No matter what time of the year it is, or where you're going, accessories can make or break any outfit. Some would even argue that it's the most important (and fun) part of getting dressed in the morning! With the highly-anticipated launch of EXCENTRICCA's website just weeks away, we've put together a set of our favorite pieces that would be perfect for every occasion and every style. Which one is your favorite?


Perfect for music festival season, the hot summer days, and that trip down to the lake you have always wanted to make with your friends. When it comes to accessorizing, don't be afraid to mix up the fabrics, textures and colors! Colorful braided bracelets with heavy metal, turquoise stones, and, of course, stack-able rings (the more the merrier!).


For the ladies at the office, those evening drinks, or simply the days you feel like wearing a pair of stilettos. During those days, remember to keep the accessories simple and elegant, always in the golds and silvers (with the exception of some sparkle). Here in EXCENTRICCA, we love our simple gold pieces, such as this delicate necklace, gold and black statement ring, and gold accent earrings - perfect for any classic & sophisticated look!


Lastly, the casual chic for the lazy Sundays running errands, hanging with the girls, or the days you don't want to put too much effort into your outfit but still want to look stylish. Accessories in this case especially allow you to pull the whole outfit together, but at the same time there's much more choice  and we love that creative freedom! Here we have the black and gold Turkish bracelet that started this whole project (!!), a bit of understated bling in a dainty necklace, and a fun geometric ring.

So with which one do you identify the most? Boho, sophisticated or casual chic? Or all three? There's no reason why you can't switch it up everyday, and experiment with different styles! If you liked our EXCENTRICCA pieces and can't wait for the opening of the e-store, head over to our Facebook page for early orders, or alternatively, shoot us an email

Hope everyone had an amazing week and an even better weekend coming up. Happy Friday!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Update: Shoot!

It's been some time since we last updated, but fear not, many exciting things have been happening during our abscene from the blogosphere. A couple of weeks ago, we had our first official shoot, and it was definitely a thrilling experience! We had so much fun mixing and matching all the pieces we've so carefully chosen and the results are just incredible. Here's a little sneak peak, because we know you're dying to see the lovely pieces.

What do you guys think? Leave us your opinions below, we're always delighted to hear from you. Hope you're excited for the big launch, because it's coming very very soon. We'll leave you with a little behind-the-scenes video, because of course we had to share some of the fun with you!

Best way to start the week, or not?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring Trends - B&W

We're back with our spring trends reports and this time, to contrast the loud vibrant florals of the last post, we'll focus on the opposite - monochrome. You'd think that B&W is eternally in style (and it probably is!) but for this spring/summer, you definitely cannot go wrong with some black and white palettes.

The best part about this trend for spring is that you don't even have to work very hard to transition your dark (virtually all black, let's face it) winter wardrobe for the warmer weathers. Just add a couple of white, airy pieces and you're good to go! As seen on the runways, the classic black and white combinations range across all patterns, shapes and silhouettes - from b&w florals to the most minimalistic b&w combinations.

And lastly, if you're a fan of nail art, why not try incorporating this trends onto your nails? It's a more subtle way to wear the runway trends while making a definite statement at the same time. We love it when people get creative.

So are you loving this monochromatic revival? Or do you think spring should still be all about the colors? Let us know your thoughts below.

Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break and is ready to get back to work. We sure are!